We wrapped up our production of Dancing with the Stars with United way of Southern West Virginia at the Raleigh County Convention Center in Beckley WV. This is our 6th year doing the production and we think this year was our best yet. Our team worked 4 cameras providing every angle of the action, lights around the center providing the nice atmosphere and highlighting the dancers. Our speakers and massive soundboard making sure that everyone in the building and online can hear clearly the music and voices of the announcers and judges.

But this sort of production doesn’t happen overnight. It started months before when we set up unitedwayswvstars.org to give them a platform to receive donations, showcase the stars, their bios, and to highlight the wonderful sponsors of the event. Cucumber and Company provided promotional photos and prints as well as dancer videos for social media. There was still much work to be done. We filmed and edited introductions as well as several canned videos that play during the event.

Then there is the week of the event. Over the course of 2 days our team laid down miles of cables and wires. Setup 4 cameras for the main event with another for the behind the scenes. We had to set up the sound, speakers and board. Also, all of the lighting all around the stage and  the convention center. Then we had to set up the brain of the operation feeding all the information into our tricaster that then goes out to all the screens and live streaming all over the web.

The day of the event went off perfectly and all of the hard work we put into it months before was all worth it. Our years of experience in doing the event has payed off to make it as smooth as possible. After the judges score were tallied up and the final counts were in. The winners were declared and there was only one thing left to do was party. Which we DJed much to the delight to those in attendance.