About Cucumber & Company


We Provide Affordable Website Services and Video Production Solutions.

Founded in 2003 in Cucumber, West Virginia by Dwane Muncy. Cucumber & Company began as a one-man operation. While Cucumber & Company has grown, we have stayed focused on our primary goal — to provide cutting-edge quality work and be affordable to small businesses.

As a family-owned business, we understand the commitment and sacrifice it takes to keep a business moving forward and we want to help you grow. We offer a variety of services that will help you effectively market your business.

Cucumber & Company has a highly qualified team that works hard to manage multiple websites. We have clients that range from local government agencies and restaurants to hospitals and universities. We are committed to providing our clients first-rate, affordable marketing and web design.

Our video production department prides itself on keeping up to date on the latest technologies, techniques, and practices. We are always learning and evolving so that we can give our clients a well produced video or commercial that will have them stand out from the crowd.

Cucumber & Company works to produce fully custom web design and video production solutions for any product, service or campaign.

Founded in 2003 in Cucumber, West Virginia, Cucumber & Company began as a one-man operation. While Cucumber & Company has grown, we have stayed focused on our main goal– to satisfy the customer while remaining affordable enough to encourage repeat business. Today, eleven talented employees strong, Cucumber & Company manages over 200 websites and produces an average of 40 video projects monthly. Along with web design and video production, other services include graphic design, digital advertising and a/v services. 

It’s been a long journey and, as technology and marketing needs have advanced, we have also progressed to provide the most effective and efficient services. We have spent tens of thousands of person hours and dollars learning to create the easiest possible approach to developing first-rate affordable marketing.

Because what’s the point of creating a beautiful campaign if there’s no money left to promote it?


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