We are very proud to be the official source of web design and video production for the Beckley Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce. The BRCCC has accounting and membership software that needs to be integrated into the website in real time. This process requires working with a third party (along with the client) to get a product all are happy with. Also, we have created a profit sharing ad platform on their website. The funds from the advertising pay for the website several times over.

Here Are Some Actual ads, for actual companies.

Cucumber & Company have been a critical part of our business for a few years now. They are hands down the best when it comes to producing tv and radio ads. Their video production is one of the best I have ever used anywhere. But it doesn't stop there. They also help with our inventory photos for our website and help us keep track of domain names along with keeping us on top of the ever changing internet market. To sum it all up they have definitely kept us sharp in an ever changing market and added to our bottom line.

Thurman Workman

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