We have worked with BridgeValley, in conjunction with Auge Gray Drake, to create several video spots for social media and broadcast. For the on-site shoot, we bring all the gear, lighting, and a monitor for the client to review the production. When the script doesn’t require an on-site shoot for footage, we can use our massive library of stock footage to create the message.

I’ve done a lot of production work over the past 21+ years, and working with Cucumber has been great. They knew how to approach our “real people/testimonial” creative, they were highly organized and very professional on set and throughout the shoot. Even the way they prepared the video clips for review going into edit was great – with a spreadsheet including all interviewees and their clips/content in vimeo, it gave us perfect control over preferred messaging and shots for each spot we’re creating and saved a ton of back-and-forth time. I’d definitely work with them again.

Shannon Simon - Auge Gray Drake


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