This is the second installment of the light hearted “Tired of the Bull?” campaign brought to you by Cucumber and Company and our good friends over at Hyundai of Beckley.   It is a parody of all the Car Dealership cliches that may befallen you if you don’t go “Directly to Hyundai of Beckley.”  This was an ambitious project, scripted and conceived entirely by the client and the writers we employ in-house.  We brought in actors instead of just putting family members or dealership employees in front of the camera.  Oh, and Colton doesn’t count.  He’s a pro by now.  Our Professionals knocked it out of the park this time with a take on the fast talking Finance nightmare that some Car Dealers put you through, called “95 Payments.”  If this one doesn’t give you flashbacks, you must’ve always had great credit!  If you have a concept, and need someone to bring it to life, contact us today!