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OTT: (Streaming services)

  • Commercial placement inside streaming services such as Sling, TubiTV, NBCSports, FOX News, Pluto TV, etc.
  • Placements are optimized for Connected TV views, which resembles the traditional TV experience
  • Age and gender targeting available
  • Geo and interest targeting available

Social Media Advertising:
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Ads targeted to the target demo across one or multiple social media networks
  • Different campaigns for different tactics: video views, brand awareness, clicks to site, lead generation (not on
    Twitter), gain for followers/fans (Facebook, LinkedIn only), post exposure and reach (Facebook, Instagram only)
  • Before purchase, we quote social ad campaigns to estimate outcomes for dollar amount

Email Marketing:

  • A targeted email campaign built from scratch, geared toward advertiser’s target demo
  • Guaranteed minimum 2% clickthrough back to advertiser’s site
  • Matchback list can be provided for an additional fee

Audience Extension: (all geo-targeted)

  • Audience Targeting – ads that target the behavior of consumers who match advertisers’ target demos
  • Keyword Targeting – ads that target keywords in content related to advertisers’ products or services
  • Managed Network – ads that target the context of a web page’s content to match the advertisers’ products or services
  • Retargeting – ads that follow the consumer across the web after they visit and leave an advertiser’s website
  • Look-Alike Targeting – ads that target users whose behavior strongly resembles the behavior of other targeted buyers
  • IP Targeting – ads targeted to specific IP addresses (good for targeting residential areas)

YouTube Advertising:

  • Three available types: TrueView, Discover, Bumper
  • Videos can be targeted to advertisers’ specifications
  • Videos can range from 6 seconds to 6 minutes in length


  • Ads targeted inside a virtual perimeter around any existing address
    Available in banner and video formats
  • For additional fees, ads can be retargeted or given foot traffic attribution, which tracks the foot traffic to an
    advertiser’s store that resulted from the ad campaign

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