Check out our latest ad for Hometown Kia and the Hometown Heroes!  This client gives us plenty of room to be creative and push the limits on what we can do with Car Dealer Advertising.  Jason Shaffer, the Red Hero and Sales Manager of Hometown Kia, has been asked to speak at regional and national conventions of the Kia brand on how, with our help, he was such a massive success with this campaign.  This series of spots have become almost ‘water cooler famous’ in southern West Virginia, being a topic of discussion whenever a new one hits the air. On this spot we not only produced all the visuals (graphics, animations, video, special effects), we also produced the audio track from scratch!  Our very own hip-hop veterans put together a great track that not only brings A LOT of attention to the spot, the song stays in your head for days, making a lasting impression on viewers that will bring them to mind of YOUR brand.  We are proud to present to you “Hometown Kia Got Soul.”