Hunks in Heels

By March 25, 2016Blog

Last week, Cucumber and Company took part in the “Hunks in Heels” charity to benefit the Women’s Resource Center.  It’s where local male contestants wearing high heels compete in a Q&A, dance routine, and then they work the floor for donations.   Cucumber and Company donated it’s full Live Audio and Video capabilities to this cause, including;  two cameras, a mobile live video switcher streaming the event live on the web, a full audio setup including mixing music, live microphones, and pre-produced videos, live, on the fly.  Oh, and don’t forget, we provided top-of-the-line LED lighting systems to make sure the glitter gleamed, and the patent leather shined!  For those that couldn’t attend the sold out event could watch, for a small donation, on their website. All together the event raised over $41,000 dollars for the Women’s Resource Center, helping women and children all over southern West Virginia.  Anything for a GREAT CAUSE!