Aledade Company Recruitment Video

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Aledade Company Recruitment Video

Cucumber & Company provides video production and web design services to Southern West Virginia. But did you know that we have many out-of-state clients? One such client is Aledade, whose goal is to sustain physician independence through value-based care. Primary care doctors practice medicine as they’ve always wanted to and thrive by keeping their patients healthy. Aledade’s technology and innovative workflow reduce hospitalizations, which creates savings across the healthcare system.

We visited their offices in Bethesda, Maryland to create a comprehensive recruiting video. Our video crew set up shop and interviewed Aledade employees from different departments. The goal was to give prospective job seekers an idea of the important work Aledade is doing, and exhibit their modern company culture.

It was a blast to travel outside of West Virginia and visit Aledade’s offices. The staff was easy to work with and we can’t wait to help them with their next project. Check out their recruitment video below.

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One of the many great folks that we were able to collaborate with at Aledade was Senior Vice President for Growth, Brian Chiglinsky. He had this to say about our experience so far:
"We were incredibly pleased by our work with Cucumber. They were fast, flexible, and very helpful as we worked through a multi-location, cross-state production. The finished product captured the essence of our business, and should provide a clear, compelling vision of our work for years to come."
- Dan Bowles, Senior Vice President for Growth, Aledade, Inc.