Project Overview

hometown-heroes-2016Hometown Kia and Cucumber and Company unveiled the “Hometown Heroes” ad campaign just under a year ago, and it’s been an unparalleled hit!  Riffing off of the popularity of Superhero Movies and TV shows, this ad campaign takes chances, and reaps big rewards for all involved.  To anyone that asks what Cucumber & Company can do for you, all we have to say to anyone in the viewing area of the Southern WV Coalfields is, “Have you seen the Hometown Heroes commercials?”  This campaign turned Hometown Kia Sales Manager Jason Shaffer (also the Red Hero) into a keynote speaker at Regional and National Kia Dealer Conferences, and selling a few new Kia’s in the process.  Stressing humor, a certain campiness,  and a lot of showmanship goes a long way.  The “Hometown Heroes” characters have made appearances everywhere from the Raleigh County Commission on Aging to help with meal delivery, to local Elementary Schools to sign posters for their young fans.  If your 6 year-old stops to watch a commercial, you best believe their parents are paying attention also!  We strive to make every Commercial and Video Production Project unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer, and your possible customer.  If you’re looking to shake your Advertising game up, or give you simple, classy ads that get results, Cucumber and Company is the way to go!


Hometown Heroes


Hometown Kia

What We Did

Video, Script Writing, Sound and Visual Effects, Musical Composing, Web Design

The Hometown Heroes attract ATTENTION!

Hate them, or love them, these guys are catching the eye of everyone, and selling cars doing it!  If you want big and flashy, quiet and understated, or something in-between, trust your Video Production to Cucumber and Company!  Check out the ads below we’ve done for Hometown Kia, and contact us today to get your Ad Campaign a facelift.

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