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JBS Performance, Cucumber and Company

JBS Performance & Accessories

What We Did

Responsive Web Design, E-Commerce

 The JBS Performance Team from Mt. Hope, WV, contacted us because they were not happy with their current website provider due to issues with their e-commerce section.  Instead of just focusing on the initial problem, Cucumber & Company went a different route, and rebuilt the site completely.  Along with a complete redesign, we customized the online order forms to change specifications of products to fit the customer’s needs to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for. The proof was in the puddin’, as JBS Performance began making money the day their new site went live on the internet.  Also, per their request, we trained JBS staff to add their own products to the website, along with how to fix any issues they may have.  Of course Cucumber & Company is always an email or call away for support!
“JBS Performance was created by James and Nikki when it became clear that they weren’t the only ones interested in Side-by-Side fun.  Determined to get the most out of the ride, they began to concentrate on the development and the specs of performance parts.
JBS is obsessed with creating and developing performance parts. “Built Not Bought” is based on the success of 12,500 miles of trail-tested parts. Even racers in the GNCC love riding Hot Rod Style! JBS Performance has become an international brand with friends in Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Russia, Norway, the Netherlands and of course the good ol’ USA!
JBS caters to Yamaha, Polaris, Artic Cats, Kawasaki and Can-Am owners.  Constantly developing parts that outshine any other on the market, we pride ourselves on the quality of our modifications.
James and Nikki’s philosophy has always been excellent products with excellent customer care.  Building on that philosophy has given us extremely satisfied customers.
2015 brings the JBS Sponsored 3rd Annual Hot Rod Forums Fall Ride and we hope that you all will join us and give us the chance to meet you personally. 
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