Mercer Medical Group COVID-19 PSA Videos

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Mercer Medical Group COVID-19 PSA Videos

Since the beginning of the pandemic, masks have remained a hot topic. Recently, Mercer Medical Group asked us to create a series of PSA videos about proper mask use and telehealth.

Mercer Medical Group Primary Care is a multi-specialty practice that is owned and operated by Princeton Community Hospital. Mercer Medical Group Primary Care’s modern office building features many exam rooms and an in-house lab. The practice offers primary services with excellent patient care and welcomes all new patients from two years of age and older.

Two of our video production specialists, Dalton Paul and Scott Gregg, shot the PSA videos on location at the Princeton Community Hospital Campus; specifically in the Mercer Medical Group Primary Care and ENT offices. We used our Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6K camera and a teleprompter to film interviews with staff members. Afterward, we filmed any necessary b-roll around MMG’s offices.

This was a quick series of videos, and we were more than happy to help Mercer Medical Group provide critical information to their patients.

More Information

Our partnership with Princeton Community Hospital and Mercer Medical Group is a perfect example of how we can implement our experience to better help your business or organization. With top-notch video production, you can’t go wrong with Cucumber & Company. With this series of PSA's, we collaborated with the Director of Marketing, Richard Hypes. He had this to say about our experience:
We can always count on Cucumber & Company to produce videos, television spots, and websites of the highest quality at a fair price. The highly skilled and creative team members are a pleasure to work with.” - Richard Hypes - Director of Marketing, Princeton Community Hospital