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City of Beckley

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The city of Beckley sorely needed their website renovated to better serve the residents of the city. They were looking to re-vamp their website so that it was mobile friendly and a more modern feel and design to reflect the direction of the City of Beckley itself. We wanted to help them to move from a website that simply provided a function for city businesses, to a website that promotes local attractions and events. Also, they wanted to incorporate ALL city departments so residents would have a one stop shop for information and news. We knew going in that this was going to be a challenging website, and that is when Cucumber and Company shines above the rest. Each department needed to have the functionality and feel of a whole website to themselves, then seamlessly connect them together to a quilted website that truly represented the whole city of Beckley. As you can imagine, piecing together information from multiple departments with different schedules and ideas was a difficult task. A collaborative effort was taken in the process to gather the information, design graphics, and to get a working layout and functionality in place. This was a massive undertaking, working on improving features and adding function to the the live product. This type of website is a never ending job, improving and updating it constantly, making it an ever evolving project that gives the people of Beckley the website they deserve. We also needed to provide opportunities for local business to advertise through the new website, and also through the ever evolving social media campaign that we have started and will continue to expand on. We are proud to host and maintain the website of the City that is home to Cucumber and Company, Beckley, WV.