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Web Service Agreement


on behalf of agree to the following terms:

  • Cucumber & Company will provide me with a hosted and maintained landing page on their server.
  • Production and billing will begin once Cucumber & Company receives the signed paperwork and the prorated first month’s payment.
  • Monthly payment for the landing page will be auto-drafted from the provided payment method on the first of each month.
  • I understand that in order for the landing page to be built, I must provide Cucumber & Company with any and all requested information and content related to the landing page in a timely manner.
  • All services, programming, and creative content provided by Cucumber & Company are nontransferable.
  • If my account is not paid by the 15th of the month, services may be interrupted until payment is received and attempts to contact me have failed.
  • All updates must be emailed to: Cucumber & Company is not responsible for missed requests that are not emailed to this address.
  • I will allow up to 3 business days for standard editing updates to be completed and longer for more complex revisions to my landing page.
  • Should I decide to terminate my services with Cucumber & Company, I must provide written notice within 30 days for billing to be discontinued.
  • Should I decide to terminate my services with Cucumber & Company, and would like a copy of the landing page, I will pay a Transfer Fee of no less than the equivalent of 12 months of service before transfer.
  • Cucumber & Company cannot make any guarantees regarding SEO Status.
  • I understand that any 3rd party functionality, plug-ins, photography, videography, and writing services are not included and require consultation for a quote on needed services.
  • I agree to the Terms & Conditions found on


Domain Management

on behalf of agree to allow Cucumber & Company to transfer the following domains into their domain management account:


  • I understand that Cucumber & Company will continue to renew the domain/s and I will continue to be billed for the domain/s until written notice is received that the domain is to be canceled.
  • I agree that Cucumber & Company will manage services related to my domain/s, including account management and renewals.
  • I understand that I retain ownership of said domain/s. Should services be terminated, the domain/s will be transferred to me provided that my account is paid to date.
  • $40 + tax per domain will be auto-drafted from the provided payment method on an annual basis.


I authorize Cucumber & Company to autodraft my account via the payment method provided


on behalf of authorize Cucumber and Company to electronically debit my authorized payment method for the services below. 

Web Services:



Estimated Monthly Charges:  + Tax



Estimated Yearly Domain Charge:    + Tax



October 2, 2023

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